About Me

Hi. Thanks for checking me out! First off, this isn't your typical artist bio and that's intentional...  because I'm not your typical musician.

Who am I? I am a musician from Wisconsin originally, who has lived in Minneapolis, NYC, Philly, and San Diego searching for truth and peace of mind. I have played, written, and recorded punk, alternative, rock, metal, and folk. I am not concerned with image, and am not limited by a specific genre.  I’ve been playing/writing for 25 years at this point, and my strongest attribute is songwriting. In addition to my current EP, I have two full length albums on deck, the first of which I am currently recording.  My “Basic Elements of Human Experience” EP is essentially a warm-up, to lay a foundation for the full length albums, and a permanent future as a professional musician. I’m currently looking for record labels to partner with, and sync licensing agreements.  Good music will speak for itself, and I have a whole bunch of it. 


Why do I play Music? Music has the power to reach people on a level that few other mediums can. It opens our hearts and minds, and it sparks our own individual creativity. One artist’s experience can be the doorway to a whole new world of thought and ideas for another person. My favorite musicians have been doing this for me for years, and to them I am very grateful. They have given me insight that no book or classroom can teach. Music is a doorway to our souls, and only each one of us as individuals, can interpret it in the way that matters to us most. Because of this, music is beautiful and music is powerful. 


What’s my goal? To change the world... No joke. Music is just the beginning, and I have a long term plan that goes well beyond the scope of music.  I am already capable of things that many musicians will never be able to do.  I produced my "Basic Elements of Human Experience" EP from start to finish by writing all the songs, performing all the instruments (except drums), and doing all the engineering and mixing. Then I had it professionally mastered.  I do not need a hand hold. But I do need exposure and opportunities to bring my current skill set to the next level, and to a worldwide stage to share it with.